Financial Donations

Please consider making a donation to our Center. We are greatful to all of you whose generous donations allow us to continue providing quality programs and exhibits. The Center has non-profit status as a project of the Loup Basin Resource Conservation and Development Council. All donations are tax deductible.

Archeological Artifacts Donations

Please use the contact us page to send us information about artifact donations.

Pawnee Arts Center Policies in re: donations of archeological artifacts

The Arts Center will not buy or sell any archeological materials.

We will accept human remains or burial goods only with sorrow and regret and for immediate repatriation and reburial within tribal tradition; there will be no release of information to the media about such transfers and any such transfers will be strictly confidential.  All such transfers will be made directly to Roger Welsch as designated representative for the Pawnee Nation in Nebraska.

The Pawnee Arts Center does not have the training, skills, or resources for restoration or preservation, labeling or attribution, even for extensive display or recognition of donors.  Therefore we can only promise that we will always treat materials with respect, use them for display, education, and research as we are able.  

We will never discard archeological artifacts that are gifted to us, no matter how apparently trivial.  We have and will on occasion pass along small items, shards, chips, etc., to legitimate researchers where we feel those items will be useful to legitimate research…pottery replication, knapping techniques, etc.  All such loans or gifts to others of artifacts given to the Pawnee Arts Center will be considered and approved by Roger Welsch, again as authorized representative of the Pawnee Nation in Nebraska.

All archeological gifts are basically given through the Arts Center to the Pawnee Nation; should the Pawnee Arts Center in Dannebrog NE ever be dismantled, all such gifts will be passed along to the Pawnee Nation or as per that tribe’s approval be further transferred to another body…e.g,. the Genoa Pawnee Museum, the Pani Arts Center in Pawnee OK, the Nebraska State Historical Society, etc.

 All such gifts of archeological items must be considered final and without further stipulation, requirement, or obligation on the part of the Center.